Marketing Mentoring

Build a solid German client base with a long-term online marketing strategy

You want to grow your solopreneur business beyond the borders of your domestic market and reach German customers.

The only problem is: you have no idea how to do that.

Your head is full of questions. You’re asking yourself:

To build a solid German client base
you need a sustainable online marketing strategy
tailored to German customers.

Your current domestic marketing simply won’t cut it, because your new audience can be quite different. They lead different lives, have different preferences and different problems.

And those differences need to be considered in your marketing. You need to get to know your ideal German customer, find out what they like, choose the right online marketing channels and tactics to reach them and tailor your website to their needs and expectations so that they will buy from you.

You need an in-depth understanding of the German customer and market, a change of perspective from outsider to insider. You need a marketing partner who can provide you with valuable insights into how things are done over there. And that’s exactly what I’m here for.

Imagine what it would feel like
if suddenly German customers
bought your great products.

If you had a long-term marketing strategy that works precisely for Germany. If you knew exactly what to do each step of the way to sell your products successfully in Germany, instead of constantly asking for advice or being confused.

Through my German Marketing Mentoring Programme, we’ll create an online marketing strategy for the German market and your German customers.

Over 6 sessions of 60 minutes each, we’ll find out who your ideal German customer is and analyse your German competition.

Based on this, we’ll create a completely new online marketing strategy for your business specifically for Germany.

With this strategy, we can then tackle website optimization, choose the right marketing channels, and create a marketing measurement plan you can put into action.

Together, we’ll change your perspective from a mystified outsider to an insider who knows exactly how to wow the German customer.

Hallo, my name is Mandy and I’m your marketing expert for Germany.

Through my work as a freelance marketing translator since 2015, I’ve been supporting numerous English-speaking companies to get their message across in German, be it through their online shop, blog or Facebook posts.

These days, I help solopreneurs from English-speaking markets start their journey towards an internationally successful business in Germany – a market full of potential and great opportunities.

Being a solopreneur myself, I know that growing one’s business can feel exciting and overwhelming at the same time. At some point we all simply need some guidance from other experts to move the needle forward. My goal is to provide my clients with the insights they need to build a long-term German marketing strategy.

Being born and raised in Germany, I have an instinct for German culture – and know exactly how to strike a nerve with German buyers. And since I’m working from Germany, I’m right on the front line of my client’s target group, constantly observing what’s happening on the German market.

Together, we’ll work on your individual German online marketing, coming up with a strategy that’s tailored to your solopreneur business and wows your German audience. Find out more on my About page.

Mandy sitting with a notepad on a bench

The German Marketing Mentoring
at a glance

What does this mentoring involve?

You‘ll receive:

Price: €1,400

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