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Get a clear vision of your ideal German customer for laser-sharp marketing

So, you’ve set your eyes on the German market to access a new customer base and increase sales.

You know that selling to the right German audience willing to buy can give your small business the revenue, stability, and flexibility you’ve been dreaming of. And since this is not day one of running your small business, you also know that in order to sell you need to be clear about who exactly you want to sell to.

And that is where that nagging feeling in your stomach comes up. Because, if you are being completely honest with yourself, you have never thought about who your ideal German customer is. You are making assumptions and guesses based on your domestic customers, but deep down you know that you are moving on thin ice with that approach because it completely ignores the specific wants of a different culture.

You are wondering how on earth you are ever going to be able to truly cater to those German customers’ needs – something that you deeply care about in your small business.

All this is holding you back from confidently marketing to Germans and you kind of feel like you are tapping in the dark.

If you don't know who you want to target in Germany
finding those people will be next to impossible.

What you need is a crystal clear image of your ideal German customer. You need some solid facts and figures that help you create that ideal German customer so that it doesn’t feel like guessing anymore. And you need a German pair of eyes that confirms that the German customer avatar you put together is actually likely to exist.

That is exactly what my
German Customer Avatar service is designed to do.

In two short 1:1 online sessions and equipped with a template full of reliable facts and figures from German sources, we will craft a super clear image of your ideal German customer.

We will be tackling demographics such as age, income, job and psychographics such as values, hobbies, habits, as well as wants and fears. With this in your pocket, marketing your products to your new German audience will become much more focussed and effective, you save yourself a ton of doubt and procrastination, and you can enjoy the fruits of your success much quicker.

By the end of our two sessions, you have written down who exactly your ideal German customer is. You know their pain points, challenges and fears, how they live and what they are like. Your messaging will become much more precise, your marketing more focussed. As a result you will be able to truly connect and easily communicate with your potential German customers.

Hi, I am Mandy, and I help small businesses like yours to confidently market their products to a German audience.

With my professional background in marketing and translation I help my clients to overcome linguistic and cultural barriers so that they can expand their business beyond the borders of their own country.

Born and raised in Germany, I know German culture inside out. I know what German clients need. I walk in their shoes 24/7. My day to day work requires me to switch between cultures constantly, and I have developed a fine nose for cultural nuances that people working mostly in their own cultural bubble simply don’t see. 

The biggest mistake I see businesses make when selling abroad is that they completely ignore the individual needs of their new target culture. They add another language to their website and expect sales to double – an approach that must fall short. I’m here to prevent you from making that mistake. Let’s take a deep dive into your ideal German customer that enables you to create laser-sharp marketing measures that get you results.

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