German Market Research

Done for you and focussed on your niche.

You want to propel your business to the next level by entering the German market.

And in order to get this right you know you need some hard facts and figures you can base your next decisions on to meet your German customers’ needs. Competitors, market trends, customer behaviour.

You have started to do your own German market research online, but were not really happy with what you found. The English-speaking sites seem too broad, not many focus on Germany.

And looking for German sources seems like a Herculean task, because you don’t even know where to start looking and don’t understand those sources anyway… It’s frustrating.

Wouldn't it be amazing if you could
source that (annoying) task out to someone?

Someone who you could just explain what your business is about and let them do the German market research for you? The thought of having ready data in your own language that you can flip through over a cup of tea feels exciting and motivating to you. It would just save you a lot of headache, frustration and time.

Let me take care of your
German Market Research for you.


I’ll sit down with a briefing about your business and take a deep-dive into German stats, facts and figures for you: customer behaviour, competition, market insights, trends – things like that.

I’ll look into reliable sources, collect information that is actually useful to you, and provide all my findings to you in English.

Hi, I’m Mandy, and I am a German Marketing Strategist and Translator. I help my clients to not only get their message across in German, but also have a really good idea of the people and market they are selling to. That way they can fine-tune their messaging for the German market, make sure they won’t put their foot in it, and take the right business decisions to drive sales abroad.

Making them aware of cultural differences and how to use them as a powerful tool to increase sales (and do it better than most competitors) is my absolute passion. 

My work as a professional translator has equipped me with solid research skills, and I know exactly what information, resources and websites are useful for my non-German customers to collect the data they need to make the right marketing decisions.

Selling to a new audience whose culture and language are unknown to you obviously feels daunting. I’m here to help you navigate the German market, get to know your German customer inside out, and make you feel smart and confident about marketing your business in Germany. Consider me as your German pair of eyes.

Read more about me here.

German Market Research at a glance:

Here's what we will do:

Price: £400

Sounds good?