Power Hour

Get Your German Marketing Questions Answered in 1 Hour

You already know that selling to Germany is a great way to grow your small business. 

New customers, your eggs in different baskets, a robust business that provides financial safety. Just thinking about it feels wunderbar.

And you want to get cracking.

But there are also a couple of questions popping up about marketing your small brand to Germans that are hard to answer by yourself. 

Maybe you have some nagging doubts on a certain issue. Or you think, “Ok, I’ve got this in mind, but is it any good?”. You want to make sure your German marketing strategy is spot on for your ideal German customer. And that you won’t put your foot in it (embarrassing) or waste money (not now). 

At the same time, you’re not up for yet another full-on training program that is just too long and too much of an investment. You want quick answers to your specific questions. That’s it.

Getting confirmation on a couple of questions
or making that burning doubt disappear
can make a huge difference on your global business journey.

Having a pair of German eyes look at your marketing questions can give you exactly the boost of confidence you need to make that bold decision you’ve been putting off. 

And a course correction right at the beginning of your journey will make sure you’re using your time and money wisely with marketing efforts that the German culture ✨really✨ resonates with. 

In my Power Hour, we will do just that.

60 minutes. 1:1. All your questions answered.

Whether it is just some general questions you have on marketing to Germans, a certain campaign idea you want to run by me, some samples of ads or visuals you want me to look at, to name just a few. Let’s go over it together.

Sounds good? Then book your Power Hour now. 

Hey, I’m Mandy, a German pretzel with a professional background in marketing and translation. 

After a couple of years of translating copy and content for big and small companies, I realized that translations are only part of the equation when it comes to selling your stuff abroad. 

If you don’t know your German customers well, a translation, no matter how well it is crafted, must fall short. And judging by the texts clients wanted me to translate, many of them didn’t know what they were doing. 

That’s when I decided to expand my service portfolio, combine my knowledge of marketing and German culture, and help my clients tailor their marketing efforts to the German market.

I’m here to accompany you on your journey into the German market and will share all my experience with you so you can easily reach your German customers.

Read more about me here.

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Price: £150

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