Insta Audit

Let’s get your IG profile ready to attract a multilingual audience

So, you have an Instagram account that your domestic customers love and engage with. Awesome! 

And now you feel ready to level things up and start attracting an international audience (German for example), too. Because you know that attracting people from other parts of the world to your account can mean a great boost for your business. Bigger audience, more customers, more sales.

The only problem is: you’re not sure how to go about it. Will your account resonate with people who don’t even share your language? Will they click away? Are there ways to make your profile just as attractive to German visitors, as it is to your domestic ones?

In the back of your head you know there are some translation features within the app, but you never really looked into that because you hardly ever needed that yourself. And after all, it is pretty hard to judge what your English profile looks and feels like to a German viewer if you cannot put yourself in their shoes. 

Only one thing is clear: you certainly don’t have the time or will to hire someone to set up and run a purely German Insta account for your small business.

Let me assure you: you don’t need to, either.

All you need is a pair of eyes that looks at your
Instagram account from your target culture’s perspective.

Someone to give you the reassurance you need that your profile is doing the heavy lifting for you, and a few best practices on how to make your page appealing to an international audience. 

You need to know what translation features exist on the app and how to make them work for you so that your non-English speaking audience can enjoy your content, leave some love and click through.

Entering the stage:
the Insta Audit for Multilingual Audiences.

In this 1 hour 1:1 session we will get your IG profile ready to attract a multilingual audience. We’ll go through it from top to bottom, and I will show you what your English profile looks and feels like to a German visitor. We will discuss how you can easily tweak your profile to make it attractive to a multilingual audience that doesn’t speak your language. And we will take a close look at the free translation features the app provides that you probably weren’t even aware of.

Hey there, I am Mandy, a German solopreneur with a love for all things marketing, culture and language.

Translating social media content for medium-sized clients across the world  on the regular (from Reels and Stories to graphics and captions), I know that a huge amount of time, money and effort goes into maintaining separate social media accounts for different markets and languages.

And I quickly came to realize that for small businesses this way of doing it is simply not feasible.

But does that mean that small biz owners can’t leverage social media to grow globally? 

Being a solopreneur myself, I took a close look at what opportunities the app offers to small businesses with limited resources who want to attract an international audience who doesn’t speak their language. And that is exactly what you will get in my 1:1 Insta Audit.

Read more about me here.

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Price: €170

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