German Marketing Translations

You probably spend a lot of money on marketing. Taking the time to make it personal, relevant and resonant. Profiling customers, analysing trends, monitoring traffic.

But will your traffic travel?

If you’re branching out into the German market, you might be wondering… will that wordplay work wonders or will it fall flat? Do my taglines inspire action or apathy?

You already know that translating and localising your content for the German market is a no-brainer.

And you’ve already spent the hours (okay, months) on your messaging, but making it come alive in another language is daunting.

I recognise this worry and want to reassure you – I’ve got you.

To make your copy and content
resonate with your German customers,
you need to partner with a language specialist
who knows your German customer inside out.

Someone who knows their German perspective and identifies with their problems, fears and expectations. That way you’ll make sure you really hit a nerve with them – and can successfully sell to them.

With my translation services,
you’ll be able to achieve just that.

Being a German native, born and raised in Germany, I’ll take care of turning your English source copy and content into German in a way that really speaks to your German customers.

With the help of my tried and tested workflow, we’ll ensure that your German texts really let your brand shine.

You’ll be able to review my work, suggest changes and have it checked by another native speaker from my network, so that you can be sure that your translation is ready to be published and start to attract customers.

Hallo, my name is Mandy and I’m your marketing translator for Germany.

Working as a freelance marketing translator since 2015, I’ve translated numerous marketing texts like websites, blog posts, newsletters, social media campaigns and much more for English-speaking companies. I help them sell their products and services successfully on the German market.

I’d love to help you achieve that as well, and accompany you on your journey towards an internationally successful business in Germany – a market full of potential and great opportunities.

Since I’m a solopreneur myself, I know that outsourcing work is sometimes necessary, because we can’t take care of everything ourselves.

But at the same time this thought can be a little scary, since that means giving other people control over part of our business. We might not be able to judge the quality of their work – especially if it’s in another language, as in this case.

But don’t worry. When working with me as your marketing translator, your peace of mind is my priority. 

That’s why I created a workflow that lets my clients understand what I’m doing and why, so they can rest assured that their German translations are in line with their business goals. Find out more on my About page.

Get your English copy and content
translated into German

Here’s a quick run-down of the steps we’ll be going through
when working together on your texts:


You email me to schedule a call, including the marketing material that you would like me to translate into German (Google docs, pdfs, website links, things like that).


We hop on a quick call to get to know each other, and you can tell me about your brand and ask questions.


If everything sounds good to you, I’ll create a proposal including timeline and price.


You fill in a briefing document detailing your ToV, messaging, values, target client etc.


I get to work, and we will keep in touch via email on an ad-hoc basis to solve questions that may arise during translation.


I will send you the first draft of your German marketing translation, including rationale and back translation into English where needed. You request changes where needed.


Optional & recommended:

I send my work to a colleague for review (Typos? Anything missing?). I implement their changes.


I email you the final, publication-ready version of your German marketing translation.


Once your German text is live, I will give it a final look to check that everything is where it should be and typesetting is spotless.



Rates will vary from project to project. They reflect the amount of work put in, the overall scope, level of difficulty, amount of creative taglines etc.

That is why I usually work on a fixed project-based rate which you will see in your individual quote. We can also agree to track my billable hours, if you prefer (this comes in handy for repeating work such as regular blog posts and newsletters).

The cost of creating your original English copy and content can give you a rough idea of the translation cost.

As soon as I know more about your individual project and needs, I can send you a proper quote. So, get in touch and let’s hop on a call. No strings attached whatsoever.