Title: social media user numbers: Germany vs. worldwide

Social media user numbers: Germany vs. worldwide

When you’re running your own business, social media is one of the most common ways to market your products online. Not only can you show your customers what you have to offer, but you can also build a relationship with them. On social media, you have the chance to get to know your customers and get a feeling for what …

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5 Tips for Successfully Entering the German Market

You’ve made the decision: entering the German market is your main goal for 2021. This’ll be your year to grow your solopreneur business internationally. It’ll be your year for more success, more revenue, more happy customers. But there’s this little annoying voice inside your head. What are you talking about? You have no idea how to do that. Better stick …

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4 reasons why using English to sell your products to Germans isn’t the best choice

Have you noticed that, sometimes, English-speaking brands offer worldwide shipping while keeping all their copy and content in just English? I’ve certainly noticed that here in Germany, brands from English-speaking countries don’t seem too bothered about reaching their customers in German. The general opinion seems to be that English is an international language, so if you speak in English you’re …

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Why selling your products in Germany is a good idea

As a solopreneur with a growing business, you’ll probably reach a point when you start thinking about selling your products in other countries. Because more happy customers and more revenue, without the hassle of constantly creating a bigger product portfolio, sounds good, right? But where should you start? After all, you know this is a big decision you need to …

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Why knowing the cultures you are selling to is key to international success

Intercultural competence is one of the most important factors for international success. Your usual sales and marketing strategies might work well in your domestic market. But will they be as effective at convincing your new customers? People from different cultural backgrounds will most probably perceive what you have to offer differently. In this article, we’ll look at three different aspects …

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Successful multilingual marketing

Successful multilingual marketing: choosing the most profitable languages

How to do smart audience research to decide which countries to target – and make your international marketing efforts pay off Imagine investing in the translation of your content and marketing material and getting nothing in return. No increased traffic, no new customers, no boost in sales. How can that be? Where did you go wrong? In this article, you’ll …

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